GitHub Code Scanning

GitHub Code Scanning was released at 30th September 2020 ( blog post). As usual, GitHub document describes only Web UI base tutorial. However, in principle, Code Scanning is a one

"no basic auth credentials" error for docker pull from GitHub Packages

When I tried to set up GitHub Packages for Docker images, I encountered the following docker pull error messages docker: Error response from daemon: Get<My Image Path>/manifests/latest: no basic

Custom configuration file for GitHub Super-Linter

This post is based on my question. GitHub provides Super-Linter as an all-in-one linter for multiple languages on GitHub Actions (and on other CI/CD environments). The advantage of Super-Linter is

Inverting if condition at GitHub Actions

GitHub Actions can be configured at .github/workflows/<FILE NAME>.yml. Any job and/or step can be skipped by adding if condition. The syntax are described at the following 2 pages: 1, 2.

Change GitHub account name

I signed up GitHub at 28th January 2013 when I was a guraduate student. Since I hadn’t had enough experience, I made a long boring user account, “yamada-github-account” without knowing